Week3 – Artist Conversation – Joshua Vasquez

Artist : Joshua Vasquez

Exhibition : Vida/Morte

Media : Drawing and Painting

Gallery : CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website : www.joshvasquez.com

Instagram : @joshybehr



Joshua Vasquez is an Undergraduate student in the BFA Painting and Drawing Program at CSULB School of Arts, in which he is planning to graduate in Spring 2017. He was born and grew up in Los Angeles, California. He began to develop his love for art at a very young age. He really enjoys eating pizza, burgers and pupusas. If he is not drawing he is most likely to be sleeping, since he enjoys sleeping a lot as well.

Joshua’s exhibition Vida/Morte is about Life and Death and how they both are build up together to become one. He uses live flowers to illustrate ideas of life and death. The flowers are thrown away by a florist and then are given a new life through his artwork. One thing I noticed about this room was how all the colors and just the themes all came to be one. His art work pieces all blended toward the same colors. More of those dark but nice colors. Just the matter of fact how he had a trail of different sizes of deadly roses really captured my attention. How some had still a bright color and some just brown and dried up completely.

During this exhibit Joshua had mentioned that in order to start any of his projects he had to have his mind set meditated. I believe that this is how it distinguishes himself from other artists. Just the matter of fact on how he expresses his emotions with these drawings actually make you understand the message he is trying to give. It makes you think what the actual meaning of life is. Is it a life full of bright colors or can it be a life of dark colors and shadows.

After seeing this gallery it really made me think twice about Life and Death. How it is all just a cycle of life. How just because things have color means that it is full of life. Overall, attending to this gallery actually inspired me on how things you think you may not need, you will actually be able to use again.

















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