Week4 – Classmate Conversation – Tareena Woods


This week I had the pleasure to meet Tareena Woods. I actually had Tareena last semester in my math class, but we never talked. Until this semester, when we both realized we had two classes together. Tareena is 19 years old, from Buena Park and commutes to school as well as I do. This is her first year and is a film major which she is hoping in becoming a film producer in the future. She likes art even though she is not good at it, but her favorite art is photography. She enjoys photography because she likes the fact that it is real life being captured through the lens of a camera. She as well enjoys art galleries and is really into fashion. She enjoys hanging out with friends and likes to go eat. She enjoys eating tacos as well as I do so that is another thing in common that we have. She is happy that she is in this art class because she knows that her knowledge of art will improve.


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