Week 5 – Artist Conversation – Sean Joy Cabanig

Artist – Sean Joy Cabanig

Exhibition – Fuse: Join to Form A Single Entity

Media – Copper, Bronze, Silver

Gallery – CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website – None

Instagram – None


This week’s artist conversation was with Sean Joy. This is her 5th year in the BFA program and her final semester. She is actually having a show of all her art work pieces in March. Here at the gallery she only had two of the several others she will be showing. She first makes a sample piece to get an idea of how she wants her final product to look like. She also explained on how not just metal can be used but other artists use feathers, leather and how graffic designers use lots of crushed class to get the product they want.

The first art work piece is called “The Sweet Spot” which is made out of just bronze. This was actually done in her metal smithing class. It just took her a month and a few more weeks. At first it was just the spoon part of it and to re interpret it and add a bit of humor she added the clown on top. In order to make it seem that the clown was balanced she added a piece to the bottom to make it look balanced. The second art work piece is called “Bearing Burdens” which is made out of silver, bronze and silver-plated chains.This took her about a few weeks and then was actually rushed. The bars are made out of silver as well as the chains. In order to make the bronze balls lightweight, Joy had to weigh them and make sure they were not heavy. In order to get the coloration of the bronze balls, she had to use patina and had to oxidize them. “Science is always used when working with metals”, as she says.

Joy uses lots of emotions throughout her art work. For example on the “The Sweet Spot”, she explained on how at first she saw it looked to simple and boring so then she added the clown to make it look more fun and happy. For the second one “Bearing Burdens”, she at first was happy making it and then at some point she had personal things going on and became really mad. She said she thought of it as a “torture device”.

Overall, I agree with Joy on he fact that most things you do or make are done with your emotions. Most things are done based on the feeling you are feeling at that moment and start thinking of things that just either bring you down or make you happy. I was somewhat sad on the fact that she only had two pieces out of all the others she has. If these two were interesting, I can not wait on her art show in March and take a look at the rest.


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