Week 6 – Art Experience – Photowalk


This week’s Thursday class was quite a bit different than before. This week we had a photowalk around campus. A walk to get to know more about the campus. I decided to go with Crysta Tim who explained about her photowalk, “My plan is to take my group through the fun recreation sights of CSULB. First we will go to the outdoor shopping area near the bookstore, then go to the bottom floor of the USU (billiards, bowling, swimming pool), then we will end at the H2O fountain at Brotman Hall.” The first stop we made was by the outdoor shopping in from of the bookstore. I actually had never stopped to take a look at the clothes they sell here, so that was actually really interesting. We then made our way by the food court and  I took a quick shot of one of the water fountains they have here at CSULB. We then went to the bottom floor of the USU and I then took a picture of what students  do on their free time, for example I got some students watching a show and others playing pool. We finally went to the fountain in front of Brotman Hall in which I took a picture of a duck just enjoying the sun and getting ready for a quick swim. Overall, this experience was really fun, even though I really did not hear  much of what Crysta was saying. I would actually like to do this again.


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