Week 10 – Art Experience – Instagram


This weeks art experience was by using Instagram, pictures of what a typical Tuesday for me is. The first picture is of my truck before I left to school. The second picture was when I got to campus and as I walked to class, these two ducks were just chilling. The third picture is a Carmel Frappucino with extra caramel and and extra shot of expresso to keep me awake for the day. The last picture would be me in the library finishing an essay that was due right after Art 110.


The class photos are similar to some of my activities I do throughout the week not just Thursday. I seen that many people like to go out on adventures at night and that is something I do on a daily basis. I seen how many classmates posted pictures of what they ate, which was really interesting on how everyone likes many different things. Many students from this class are actually really photogenic and are really good photographers. Overall, I feel that we are all a community with different styles of living.


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