Week 11 – Art Experience – Turning Pages


This week our art experience was out of the usual. We had a guest speaker by the name of Marta Troya. She is from Malaga Spain. She came up with our art experience this week. Her idea was to read oversized children books in the computer lab in the Library and after go to the bookstore. While being inside the Library and reading those big children books, everyone inside was just starring and I even saw people take pictures of us. At the library she made us think on how our Library is full of distractions, and how not many students are reading books. Instead they are on a computer, listening to music or on their phone. While being inside the bookstore, all the “books” are way out in the back. Instead they have many other things like: clothes, make-up, computers, supplies and candy. On the top floor they have guitars in which you can take a seat and play them. They even have a TV in which students can sit down and enjoy while they may wait for their next class to start. What is funny to me is that it is called a bookstore but yet many other things are being sold than just books. Overall, this experience made me realize that how these two things are not what they mean as in the Library you do not see people reading books and in the bookstore other things than the books are sold everyday.








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