Week 13 – Art Experience – Art Care Package (ACP)


My care package will be going out to Megan Stevens. this ACP will include a ticket from a fair, a pencil, a blue eraser, an Apple sticker, a temporary jewelry tattoo and a peso from Mexico.

Ticket: The ticket is from a fair I went this year in February and I had a few left over.

Pencil: This wooden pencil will come in handy for a math final.

Eraser: This eraser would be useful for finals as well and it is one of my favorite colors.

Apple Sticker: I recently got a new iPhone.

Temporary Jewelry Tattoo: My sister and I went to a party last weekend and these tattoos were given out as a thank you gift.

Mexican Money: Since I go mostly every weekend to Mexico i had some change left. 2 Pesos is 12 cents here in the US and with that in Mexico you have buy 2 pieces of gum.

This art experience was quite different. I had never really sent any mail to anyone, but one time when I went camping in fifth grade to Camp High Hill for a field trip. Sending someone an ACP is the same as Snapchat because it is just for that one person that is being sent to. How it is different is on how through Snapchat the other person receives it right away than if you were to send someone a letter through mail. These objects being sent can be actually kept longer than if it was through snapchat or through any social media. Ephemera can be both precious and trash. For example if your best friend gives you a BFF bracelet and then you both are no longer friends, then it will lose the value it once meant to you. Or if your grandma gave you something that was once hers before she passed away, then the value it meant for her, will more valuable to you. In my opinion I feel that with ACP knowing someone is sending you something, will mean so much more than if that same person would have sent you a snapchat that you would only be able to see for 10 seconds.









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