Week 14 – Activity Feedback

My 3 Favorite Activities

  1. Snapchat – Snapchat was one of my favorite art experience we had because since I am always using snapchat I enjoyed it. I really liked the fact that we had the chance to work with snapchat this semester. I got to actually have some classmates as friends on snapchat. Snapchat for me is my favorite social media app. I like this because you can snap a picture of anything and then after twenty four hours it is completely gone.
  2.  Graffiti Writing – The graffiti writing was also one of my other favorite art experience. I am bad at this, but when I see what others do , I feel that it is more than just art. I feel that they are expressing what they are feeling when they do graffiti. Others may think that it is not a good thing, but I think that I would prefer doing what I like that to do something else to please others.
  3. Art Care Package (ACP) – (ACP) was another one of my favorite art experience. The reason is because the last time I actually sent a letter through mail to someone was when my older sister was in jail. I would get excited when I would write letters to her and once she would receive them she would call lame and let me know that she responded back. Just the fact that these can be kept forever are just what I like about mailing things to others.

My Least 3 Favorite Activities

  1. Photo Walk – I did not really like this art experience because it was a little bit boring for me. We just walked around to take pictures of not as interesting as I thought they would be. I just did not like how we only took about 30 minutes of the class to do this art experience and then do nothing afterwards.
  2. Game Design “Geocaching” – This as well was my least favorite because it was confusing for me. I did not really know what to do. Trying to look for 30 minutes and after all not find anything was boring and difficult.
  3. Moonbase Alpha – This moonbase alpha was confusing as well. I am not a big fan of making stories so I did not really enjoy doing this.


Overall, I enjoyed this class, I met lots of really cool people. This semester this class was actually my favorite. I can say I am not a big fan of art, but art does not just mean to get a pencil and draw. I learned how art can be  spread through anything, anywhere and anyone. I liked how we used part of our daily life things to do art experiences. Also on doing things that I never thought I would actually enjoy doing.

What could make the class better?

What I think would make the class better is by giving more examples on what you expect for the art experience to be.


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