Week 15 – Artist Conversation – Chelsea Blecha


Artist: Chelsea Blecha

Exhibition: Mixed Aesthetic

Media: Sketches, Paintings

Gallery: CSULB School of Arts, Gatov Gallery West

Website: chelseablecha.com

Instagram: @chelseablecha

About the Artist: With this being our last artist conversation, I had the pleasure to speak with Chelsea Blecha. She will be graduating this Spring. As a young girl she was influenced by the art work her mom would do. Her mom was an artist herself. She also said in how with this illustration concept she hopes to work with Pixar.

Formal Analysis: Her art work consists of sketches and drawings. She uses a lot of blue, red and green in her art pieces. Her sketches are done in a very realistic way. The skateboard itself in my opinion is the best art piece she has. She mentioned on how it was the most difficult since she had to put acrylic on twice before she began to paint it.

Content Analysis: She is inspired by her life experiences and the places she has traveled. Chelsea mentioned how her favorite art piece is the sketch of San Francisco. As she does her art work, she puts lots of emotion to towards them. She also started sketching her own projects for her future job at Pixar. With her customizing her skateboard she has had many offers of customizing other skateboards.

Synthesis / My Experience: Overall, this last artist conversation of the semester was very inspiring. She was inspiring because just the fact that she uses emotion throughout all her artwork is what I think that every artist needs in their work. The colors she used for her art work were really extraordinary and made her pieces stand out. I would really love to see her art work with Pixar.


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